Joshua 3

Here are some questions to think about /answer for Sunday Night.

Joshua 3:1-17

1. What would make this crossing seem impossible?

2. Why 2,000 cubits between them? (1,000 yards)

3. What did the ark represent?

4. What is the significance of the ark leading the way? (vs. 4)

5. Why does Joshua give the command to Consecrate (ESV) /Sanctify (KJV) themselves in verse 5?

6. Why does he give that command instead of telling them to get their weapons ready?

7. Verse 10 says God will prove to them that He is with them and that He will drive out the inhabitants of the land. How does God prove it?

8. What had to take place before the waters would be cut off?

9. Doesn't the driving out of the inhabitants of the land in verse 10 sound harsh? How do we reconcile this? 

10. There are actually 2 miracles here. What are they?

11. What is the significance of the priests standing in the midst of the Jordan with the ark (vs. 17)?

12. What is verse 12 all about?

13. Is there an example for us to follow?

14. With all this in mind, what is the point of the passage?

15. What does the point of this passage mean to us today?