Live Your Calling - Sermon Series

6-week group study and sermon series based on the "What On Earth Am I Here For?" book by Rick Warren

Live Your Calling -What On Earth Am I Here For? Series

Join us as we understand our meaning and significance in life in this six-week series based on the book "What On Earth Am I Here For?' by Rick Warren.

Explore each message in this series below.


The Call Is For You - Week 1 - What On Earth Am I Here For?

Pastor Pickard introduces the “Live Your Calling” series, teaching from the theme verse, Romans 8:28. This message will help you realize you were called, and that your life has meaning and a purpose which gives God great pleasure. This is one call you don’t want to miss.


You Are Called To Be Loved - Week 2 - What On Earth Am I Here For?

The first purpose of your life, or calling, is to let God love you. Pastor Pickard explains that, to understand your life purpose, you have to start with God because he created you. God is love, and he made you in his image. Learn this paradigm-shifting truth and what happens when you’re aware of God’s constant love.


You Are Called To Belong - Week 3 - What On Earth Am I Here For?

God's unchanging plan for history is to adopt you into his family, love and live with him forever. Pastor Pickard introduces the second calling of life to belong to God’s family, also called the church. Listen as Pastor Pickard gives the five benefits of belonging, designed to meet your five deepest needs, each having profound meaning for your life.


You Are Called To Become - Week 4 - What On Earth Am I Here For?

The third calling, or purpose, for your life is to become more like Christ—more Godly, but not a god. How do you do that? Jesus was perfect, right? The Bible compares the process to being in race. Pastor Warren calls it the “marathon to maturity.” Learn the eight steps to becoming what God has called you to be in this race called life.


You Are Called To Bless - Week 5 - What On Earth Am I Here For?

Pastor Pickard teaches us that one of the five purposes, or callings, for our lives is to bless other people. But how do we do that? Teaching from Ephesians 2:10, Pastor Pickard explains that we are a masterpiece created by God, shaped with particular gifts, abilities and experiences that help others.


You Are Called To Be Sent - Week 6 - What On Earth Am I Here For?

We are called to be sent. God's gathering a family to live with him forever and he needs your help spreading the word.