Joshua 7

Here are some questions to think about /answer for Sunday Night.

Joshua 7

  1. What is the "accursed thing" mentioned twice in first verse? (vs. 1; see also 6:18-19)

2. Why do you think they didn't take the entire army? (vs.2-4)

3. Would it have made a difference if they had taken the entire army?

4. What was Joshua's reaction to the defeat? (vs. 6-9)

5. Why was Joshua so upset about the defeat ? (vs. 6; also see vs. 7-9)

6. Does the way Joshua speak to God sound familiar ? (vs. 7; cf. Ex. 14:11-12, 16:3, 17:3, and Num. 14:2-3)

7. What was ironic about the results of this battle? (vs. 5; compare to 5:1)

8. What was God's initial response to Joshua's prayer?(vs. 10)

9. What is the true cause of the defeat? (vs. 10-12)

10. Why would God tell Joshua there was sin in the camp but not tell him who committed that sin? (vs. 11)

11. What do you think would be going through your mind if you were Achan listening to the words of Joshua? (vs. 13-15)

12. Why would the words "early in the morning" be included in verse 16? (vs. 16)

13. Why didn't Achan confess as they got closer and closer to him? (vs. 16-18)

14. How did Joshua address Achan ? (vs. 19)

15. What are we to make of the wording of the first verse attributing the sin of one man to the entire nation? (vs. 1)

16. Who was affected by Achan's sin? (See vs. 1, vs. 5,24-25, and 22:20)

17. What did the Israelites learn at the battle of AI?

18. What is the significance of calling the place the "Valley of Achor?" (vs. 24-26)

19. Why did they create such a pile of stones? (vs. 26; also compare to 4:20-24)

20. Did this valley remain a place of trouble forever? (vs. 26; Also see Is. 65:10 and Hosea 2:15)

21. Is there an example for us to follow?

22. Is there an example of something for us to avoid?